Our Mission:
"To glorify God by training faithful servants of Jesus Christ for the edification of the Church and the urgent evangelization of the unreached."

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Dr. Florence Tan (FE Director)
Dr. Eric Tan (FE Associate Director)

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Field Education Department

Dear Visitor

Welcome to our website.

Here is an opportunity for you to find out more about our Field Education(F.E.) regulations and activities at Singapore Bible College.

All our students are involved in some form of ministry each week. The F.E. assignments offer platforms for them to learn and to serve. The exposure allows them to practise what is taught in the classroom, innovate and even make mistakes. Such experiences of on-the-job training enable students to assess gifts and abilities, prepare for and perhaps confirm possible future ministry.

Please pray for students to make astute observations and have humble learning attitudes.

Do contact me if you have any queries regarding F.E. Practical and helpful suggestions will also be very much appreciated.

Serving you, serving Christ

Dr Florence Tan

Field Education Director

School of Theology (English)

Singapore Bible College

Everthing You Need to Know About SBC Field Education Department


1. What is Field Education

2. Purpose of Field Education

3. The Role of The Field Education Department

4. Singapore Bible College Requirements

5. What is Expected of the Student

6. The Role of the Supervisor

7. Field Education "Shadow" Internship

8. Field Education Award

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